warm welcome is the first step in creating loyalty in your guests. Superb hospitality comes next. MARS Construction understands how vital your food and beverage service is. Not only is this revenue stream critical to your current business, but it also engenders return bookings in the years ahead. We can create that cozy café, intimate lounge or elegant restaurant you need to positively amp your guests. We know how to expedite a renovation to get your food and beverage outlets back into operation fast. We can even assist in setting up remote restaurants, bars or lounges so you can continue capturing revenue during a remodel. Our aim is to help you help your guests feel at home. If your aim is to WOW your guests with a high-class dining establishment, energetic nightclub or grab-and-go deli, share your vision with us and we’ll help you achieve it. At MARSConstruction, we’re experts in hospitality.

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